ANGER- an uncontrolled emotion that one experiences when he/she is not in touch with their true self.

How often do you feel angry? And why do you feel angry? Is anger only a temporary emotion or a disconnection from our true self?

Our original identity is kind, sensitive, peaceful, conscious, and humble. But as our soul migrates from one body to another, we develop different habits that stay with the soul even after the body dies.

ANGER- Is a demon that destroys you as you burn others. In our day-to-day lives, out of all the emotions that we experience, anger is our worst enemy. This raging emotion is buried in the roots of your soul and we carry it with us from one body to another. In my Vedic Astrology readings, I can articulate if you have “healthy” control over it or not? In this article, I am going to write about some healthy ways in which you can release your anger. Many people tend to emphasize controlling our anger and increase our tolerance which is even worst. It is like suppressing a spring coil which will rebound and explode even higher if suppressed too much. Right?

Now, if you agree please read on…

First of all, let us understand the root cause of the anger that we feel within ourselves and with others. Over time our soul develops samskaras (habits) that we carry from one body to another and anger is one of them. Do you ever notice parents saying that “my child has anger issues”, do you ever wonder how can a small child who has no experience besides the warm cuddles and nurturing love from his/her parents feel so angry? It is because of our “soul habits” that we carry with us.

Why do we feel angry? Simply because our needs are not met! Anger in the true sense is our, EGO; one that is hurt when our perception of “what should be is not met as we expected. “When you meet someone, who is always angry no matter what, they can’t ever be peaceful with themselves or with others please empathize with them because they are attached to their “soul habits.” which is disconnected from its original identity. Once we recognize it, we can treat it.

Some ways to release anger in a healthy way

1.Acknowledge how you feel, and recognize the true source of your anger- What triggers the anger within you? What is the immediate feeling that comes after you feel angry? Do you first feel empathy for yourself and then get angry at the source of your anger to victimize them? Journaling your thoughts will help you immediately recognize the core of that raging emotion. Once you understand the trigger, you can manage it well.

2.Understand yourself- There are two types of people (a) one who get angry at others or blame other people for angering them and (b) one who get angry at themselves for angering others or suppressing it until they are about to explode. Which one are you?

3.Healthily defend yourself- If you are type (a) someone who gets aggressive, physical and verbal when angry then engage in a sport in which you get a high-intensity workout. This will allow you to release the anger, but at the same time tire you up. It will help you release it aggressively but at the same time give you time to not act right away, or until you have it under some control. This is about refocusing your aggression constructively.

4.Confront your source- If you are type (b) someone who gets angry at themselves and punishes themselves for angering others, then you should confront your source and not victimize yourself. When you have some control over your anger, you have a better chance to remain calm while confronting the person who constantly tries your patience or angers you. This is a healthy way to release your emotions instead of suppressing them because at some point you will explode and turn aggressive. Try it out- Say how you feel kindly, don’t blame yourself for someone else’s ill behavior towards you.

5.Practice tranquility- Here you simply choose not to act based on the feeling tone. For example, would you automatically move towards something just because it is pleasant? In the same way, just because you are starting to feel rage in emotions, choose to remain calm and reanalyze your feelings and thoughts before you act on them. Try it out- The next time when you experience a raging emotion of anger and right before you are about to “blab” something which you may regret later, just take a pause, calm down and then act.

6.Affirmations- Following are some of the affirmations that have worked for my clients:

  • I am a peaceful human being.
  • I break the past habits of my soul of feeling angry at others and myself.
  • Each time, I experience a raging emotion, my values and virtues guide me to release it healthily.
  • My true identity is humble and conscious. I am constantly aware of my thoughts and feelings.

I hope you found my article helpful… stay in touch for more meaningful articles.

P.S: I choose to write from the heart and as I am l divinely guided while writing. I wrote this article with a purpose to help and motivate you, however, it is not a substitute for professional help in dealing with severe anger issues. Please seek the appropriate help as and when needed for anger management.

-Khiyati M Barrot.