Relationships – A Ship of connections that sails on trust, hope, friendships, commitment, love, and more.

Relationships are mirrors of ourselves. What reflects in our relationships is either what we believe or a reflection of our own qualities.

We have a relationship with everything not just people around us but also the things that we use, wear and carry around with us. Don’t we all have that favorite “something” that we pretty much cannot “function” without? Do you ever find yourself saying, “I can’t start my day without a cup of coffee?”. “I’ve got to wear my favorite jeans or dress today?”, or “I love this food, it is my favorite!”. Why are all these things so important to you? Simply because you have a relationship with them. Your strong cup of coffee gives you a boost to kick start your day thus, enhances your mood. Your favorite pair of jeans make your curves more visible thus, boosts your confidence. Your favorite food activates your taste buds, thus appetizing you, and so all of them are “Labelled” as your favorite because they do “what you want them to do for you”.

Relationship with people

Now let us magnify our perception of this concept into our relationships with people. Do you ever ask yourself, why some of your relationships didn’t quite work out the way you wanted them to? Whether it is with your mother, an aunt, a lover, sibling, friend, coworker, boss, or an employee- If you look deeper, you will understand that most of the time we mirror our own beliefs into what we think our relationships with others should be like. Quite often we tend to believe that, the people we are dealing with have to accept us, treat us, and behave with us the way we think they must act around us, or at least level up to our perception of how they should deal with us.


Over the past several years, I have had a profound understanding of relationships. It was phenomenal to learn that, the things we don’t like about others are the very things we carry within ourselves and in our behavior traits. If we didn’t, then we wouldn’t be attracting the recurring failures in our relationship with people. Let me explain this further. Take a moment and let us do an exercise. Think about a person in your life. Now describe and write down three things about this person that you don’t like, or something about their behavior that bothers you the most.  Now look deeply within yourself and ask yourself? “Do I also have these three things somewhere within my belief system or behavior pattern?”

Let’s take a few examples here, say your person is your spouse or a lover and they come across as very cold, and unloving towards you. Now look within yourself and see, if there is some level of belief in you that “love is cold and unreciprocated” or at some level you felt unworthy of yourself and now you are mirroring that into your relationship. So, your partner will not treat you anything otherwise.

If you have a child whose habits irritate you. Now ask yourself- “Did I at some point behave like my child and people around me found me equally irritating”? I guarantee you that, your answer will be “yes”, I was.”

Do you have a boss who is unsupportive of your creative ideas at work? Ask yourself, “Who am I unsupportive of around me”? Do you fail to support your colleagues at work? Are you unsupportive of a family member or do you simply have a belief pattern that, “People are never supportive of me!” So now you are projecting that kind of thinking on your work life.

Do you have a friend or a family member who is sometimes arrogant and harsh with their words? Do they say hurtful things to you? Now look within, who do you treat poorly around you? Who do you give a cold shoulder to? Or do you carry a belief within you that, “No matter what I do, people always hurt me”. So, with all that said, do you see a pattern of what you are composed of, is reflecting on your relationships? If yes, are you willing to change the way you think or believe?

First of all, come into acceptance that People will always treat you the way you want to be treated or the way you treat them. There is no other way!

The world we are living in these days is on the edge of a sword and we are constantly surrounded by our fears, greed, confusions, and anger. Our relationships have become so hard to maintain because we feel burdened by them. But when we start looking at everyone who we deal with, as just human beings who are deserving of happiness, worthy of love and wisdom then relationships no longer feel like a burden anymore.

As a psychic reader, I am privileged to have encounters with many people from different walks of life and it is only through my connections with them, I was able to deepen my knowledge in this subject matter. I can’t say that I have mastered how to balance my relationships with people, but I can say that I have a pretty good insight into how to preserve my relationship with people. Over time I have come to learn that relationships that are built on the fundamental orientation of compassion and kindness, are the ones that can hold very close to one’s heart for a lifetime. Every relationship needs time and equal effort from both parties to create an everlasting bond.

In my next blog, I shall continue writing more on this topic of “Relationships” in which, I will share some keys factors on building healthy relationships……. Stay in touch…….