Manifesting” – Is the power of your thoughts with a purpose of making them real.

Welcome to my very first blog. I chose to write about the power of manifestation, because my world revolves around it.

Growing up, I remember staring at the sky and looking for three specific stars that stand together to form the “Orion’s Belt”. While staring, I would visualize the life that I always desired to live.

Everything that I ever desired would manifest for me, long before I could realize, understand or apply the “Universal Law of Attraction” and the “Power of Manifestation” in my life. I always thought, it was some magic the universe did for me. Little did I know, it was the power of my own thoughts in synchronicity with the universal energy.

I was always a very positive and a vibrant person from the early years of my life. My outlook towards life was pretty “neat” and I guess that was one of the reasons “why” everything that I ever desired manifested for me.

At some point in life, things started to change a bit and my energy shifted. I wasn’t feeling very positive anymore and neither were my thoughts or actions. At that point, I became more curious to start learning about the cosmic energy and how our thoughts impact our lives and every outcome. It is fascinating to learn, “how things you look for, come finding you as well”. I remember this one day, I felt a void in my heart and I was just flipping through TV channels and I ended up watching a documentary on the “Universal Law of Attraction” and all of a sudden everything started to make sense to me.

I started learning, researching and applying some powerful techniques in my life that shifted my energy completely. Ever since, I have been a positive person. I had a realization about how the “power of manifestation” had been working for me during the early years of my life. I had unintentionally been applying it all the while. It was the power of my thoughts and ever since, I say this one thing all the times “positive thoughts create powerful actions with positive outcome”.

Now that was just a little bit about myself, let’s talk about my interpretation of the “Power of Manifestation”.

Aren’t we all living in such a busy world where we are constantly thinking, wishing and dreaming of things that we truly want to manifest in our lives?

But are we all successful in manifesting our wishes?

Why does manifestation fail for us?

1) Because our actions are constantly contradicting our desires.

2) Because we do not realize our innermost thoughts that have caused us to act.

How do we fix this, to make manifestation work?

Stage 1 – Attracting

– When you want to attract something into your life, make sure your actions don’t contradict your desires.

– Understand the power of your thoughts and tune them to the right vibrational frequency of the universe. Just like how you would tune the radio station to the frequency of what you want to hear. The art lies in creating a sync between what you desire and your thoughts and thereby create the desired outcome. Does that make sense?

Let me give an example here. Say you are in love with someone and you truly desire to spend the rest of life with this person. However, you feel unworthy of yourself and perhaps think that you don’t deserve them. Now you can see that- yes, there is a desire to be with your person, but you think and feel otherwise. So, you end up sending mixed signals to the universe and your case never settles. You want them but can’t have them! And The cycle continues!

“Your intentions”

Don’t they always say, “be careful what you wish for?”
Remember everything is energy. Your intentions are vibrations on which you create powerful thoughts that conspire the universe to align with your deepest desires and ultimately cause an outcome. I always emphasize on keeping the “Law of Karma” in mind. Your intentions should always be of benefit to you, but not hurting anyone else.

Stage 2 – Visualization

Visualization does not require any special skill set. However, there must be a synchronicity between your thoughts and how you feel. To create a sync, you can practice a few things:

1) Understand the purpose of what you are trying to manifest.

2) Have a clear mind. You can unclutter your mind’s space by trying to mediate for at-least five minutes every day.
Meditation will give you clarity of your thoughts, making visualization easier.

3) Feeling – align your thoughts with your desires and really try to add feelings and emotions while visualizing. Feel the moment as if it were real.

Let us use the previous example of manifesting love into your life from a specific person. Take a moment, close your eyes, take a deep breath and visualize opening your heart’s chakra. Now feel the love blossoming out of your heart and into your person’s heart. Send them your thoughts, imagine a green light between the two of you sending a signal of acceptance and allowing the love to flow. Feel their presence, as if they are right next to you and express how you truly feel towards them. Then let it go, open your eyes and raise your hands up in the air and release it to the universe, almost as if you are surrendering the outcome of your desire to the universe. Then go about doing what you were doing for the day.

The most important thing to remember at this stage is to not allow any contradicting thoughts after visualization process. In case you have any doubts just let it pass, do not dwell on it. Keep your state of mind happy, I know it’s hard to do it sometimes, but remember the powers lies within your thoughts.

Caution – Manifesting a loving relationship only works if your intensions are not to take away that, which is not rightfully yours. Clearly, if you are investing all your energy towards somebody who is not emotionally available or is invested in someone else, then all your efforts will go in vain. Remember, the universe will never grant you something that is not meant to be yours. Before you practice this kind of manifestation technique, be sure, your person is at least interested in you, or there is some chemistry between the two of you. What is meant to be rightfully yours will always find its way to you, even if that means parting ways and meeting again.

I love this example the best because, I get asked many questions about love and relationships, and some of the most common questions are:
“Why do all my relationships fail”?
I also get asked, “why can I not be loved”?
“Why are my relationships so unfulfilling”?

Ace of CupsMy answer is simple. Firstly, you can never give someone that which you don’t have. So, if you feel unworthy and don’t love yourself enough, you will always project that on others. You will end up attracting the same people in your life. Secondly, if you lock yourself in a belief that you are unlovable, you will never manifest love. You have to be receptive and feel secure within yourself first, in order to mirror that into your relationships. I always give an example of my most favorite card in my “Tarot Deck” – A minor arcana card called the “Ace of Cups” my analogy regarding this card is that, “your cup should be full and overflowing”. By which I mean, the “cup” represents you, your feelings, thoughts and desires. Filling that “cup” with divine love and happiness within you, represents the “fullness” which is overflowing from you. Unless you feel satisfied within yourself, and you have more to give, you cannot project fullness into your relationships.

Stage 3 – Affirmations

In my perfect world, affirmations are everything. They are strong declaration statements that, you make to the universe to claim what is yours. If you notice, we have a relationship with everything around us, with people, things and our own feelings too. When you affirm your relationship with it, you declare your rights on it.

Using daily affirmations can have a really positive impact on your life. You can develop a deeper relationship with yourself and people around you. I like to use affirmations in my daily life, I use them in a way as if I was dictating to the universe “what my perfect day should look like”.

Some daily affirmations I like to use:
– Today is a new day.
– Today is a new beginning.
– Today will be a great day.
– Today will be one of the best days of my life.
– Today I am feeling happy, content and confident.
– All my relationships are harmonious.
– I add value to the lives of people that I meet and interact with every day.
– I embrace each moment of my day with ease and comfort and if, I encounter any uncomfortable moment, I shall stay positive and let it pass.
– I am thankful for everything in my life and I radiate positive energy, send good thoughts, love and blessings to all.
– My day is complete and I am blessed.

Stage 4 – Believe

Believing is walking in faith. When you believe in something, you must have faith and patience to wait for a positive outcome. If you just intellectually believe in something, but add no corresponding feeling underneath, you create contradiction. You will only be able to experience the full potential of your creative power to manifest what you desire, if you add feelings to it.  Ask once from the universe, “what you want to manifest” and while asking add your vision of what it would feel like receiving it. Then be patient and wait for the universe to grant it to you. Don’t doubt it, just be patient and wait your turn. Remember the universe is also busy, there is a lot of people in waiting.

Stage 5 – Receiving and expressing gratitude

When you receive what you want, you feel wonderful seeing it into existence. There is a feeling of satisfaction in that moment. So, feel good now and express gratitude. Expressing gratitude means telling the universe, the outcome is what you had wished for and nothing otherwise. Now, you have set your standards high, so allow yourself to generate feelings of being grateful. Say “I am thankful for receiving what I had asked for”.

You can only understand the “Power of Manifestation” once you come into a space of freedom. Let go of any conflict, fighting, opposing against anyone. Allow energy to flow. Do not resist anything. Stop listening to your mind’s chatter. Use your energy and power to become more aware of your thoughts, feelings and desires.  Allow yourself to freely express to the universe what you want and believe that you shall receive it. Receive it and express gratitude.

Always remember “Positive thoughts create powerful actions with positive outcome.” So, keep Manifesting!

I sincerely hope that you enjoyed reading my article on The Power of Manifestation. Stay in touch for more meaningful articles.

– Khiyati M Barrot